Sister City Librarians Tour Main Campus Library

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Librarians from the National Library of Turkmenistan visited CNM’s library and other libraries around the state on a Sister Libraries tour, said Sister Cities and Sister Libraries representative and Rio Rancho campus Reference Librarian Alana McGrattan.

The Sister Cities is an international program which promotes peace, friend­ship and economic develop­ment, said McGrattan. Sister Libraries is an offshoot of the program with the goal of teaching different aspects about how libraries in various countries function, she said.

“We’ve been to New Mexico State Library and Archives in Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Albuquerque public libraries, tribal libraries at Acoma, Laguna and Jemez Pueblos, Zimmerman Library at the University of New Mexico and Cleveland High School and Georgia O’Keefe Elementary libraries,” said McGrattan. “This is our first community college visit.”

Librarians Tazegul Hannyeva and Bagdagul Samedova were delighted to be selected to come to New Mexico, said McGrattan. The two were very interested in learning the behind-the-scenes aspect of American libraries, she said.

“It was nice to find out that the librarians here are very passionate for their job,” said Hannyeva, “I have enjoyed my visit.”

Hannyeva and Samedova communicated with the assistance of interpreter Artem Artyushkov.

Hannyeva said she was interested in learning about the e-library, electronic cata­log, customer service, man­agement of the library and how to scan books.

The general idea of the libraries here are similar, but the some of the more minute details are differ­ent, she said.

Hannyeva said that it is frightening to see everyone is using the internet and she fears that books will be a thing of the past.

“Technology-wise, obvi­ously, it is more advanced here,” Hannyeva said.

Samedova said she was interested in learning more about the management of state, town and district level libraries, the methods of an information desk, and how the information desks work.

Reference Librarian Olivia Baca said there was a natural connection between CNM’s libraries and Ashgabat’s libraries and that both wanted to increase collaboration. Baca said they work to make sure they have the sources to sup­port different cultures and dif­ferent people.

“When Alana suggested that librarians come and tour our library, we welcomed them with open arms,” said Baca. “Libraries are very collaborative places and we really work the global community.”

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