Editorial: SkillsUSA Students are an Example to Follow

The members of the SkillsUSA group who vol­unteered to rebuild housing in Bonita Park, as reported in this week’s article “,” are an example of the kind of people all students should strive to be.

Most students juggle school, education, a social life and often, a family as well. With so many responsibilities, it can be easy to forget about helping others and what it means to fulfill civic responsibilities.

The CNM Chronicle recognizes and applauds the extra efforts of student volunteers, not just from SkillsUSA, but from all student organizations as well as those students who volunteer off-campus.

The Executive Council of Students organized a safety walk for Main campus.

Alpha Upsilon Chi is volunteering at the Road Runner Food Bank. The student editors of Leonardo Magazine spend long hours creating a venue for student artists and writers to publish works, and groups like the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the African Student Association are designed as a venue for students to blend education, service and culture.

To those students who go the extra mile to enrich the lives of others, we thank you.

To those who are con­sidering getting involved, we encourage you.

The more involved we are in our community, the better our community becomes.

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