Second Safety Walk Finds More Campus Hazards

By: Joanthan Baca, Senior Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

The Executive Council of Students, along with Campus Safety Services, the Student Allocation Board and a number of community volunteers, found many problems during the second Campus Safety Walk, said ECOS President Stephen Martos.

Teams of three walked through Main Campus on Friday, Oct. 26, making notes of safety hazards — including broken or dim lights, damaged electrical fixtures, tripping hazards and numerous emergency poles that have been out of order for some time, said Martos.

“The Safety Walk is essentially an event to review the facilities and make sure that we are being proactive against potential safety risks to students,” said Martos.

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Student Spotlight: Trash Talk

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

Student Campaigns for Fewer Disposables on Campus

“Student Spotlight” highlights an extraordinary individ­ual from among the diverse student population at CNM. To nominate a student to be featured send an email to:

The owners of O’Niell’s Irish Pub are buying reus­able water bottles for Communications major Dana Chandler’s Public Speaking class, she said.

Chandler, who is an employee at O’Niell’s, is rais­ing awareness about the Great Pacific Trash Heap for her per­suasion speech and offering her classmates free reusable drinking vessels and home­made reusable grocery bags in exchange for their pledge to use the items, she said.

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Fitness Major Will ‘Run Like a Girl’ to Combat Slavery


Albuquerque will host a charity run to benefit Aliento, an organization that fights against all forms of human slavery, said Fitness major Rayson Rockwell.

The Nov. 3 run will pass along the Bosque and help the Mexico-based charity to empower women and raise aware­ness about modern slavery.

He said that students will benefit from edu­cating themselves about human slavery and cre­ating awareness for the organization.

“I didn’t even know about human slavery issues until I started coming to CNM, and I’m 28 years old. It’s good for young­sters to be aware of what is really going on in the world,” said Rockwell.

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Event Planning Class and Project Heart Start Aims to Save Lives with Hands-Only CPR Training

By: Adriana Avilla, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

A week-long event will be hosted by the Event Planning Class and the non-profit organization Project Heart Start to raise aware­ness about the importance of hands-only CPR, said Part-time BIT instructor Laura Hines.

The event runs from Nov. 5 to Nov. 9 and will take place on a different campus each day, finishing on Friday on Main Campus with the dedication of the newly renovated Jeanette Stromberg Hall, said Hines.

Throughout the week, the Event Planning students will visit classrooms on all of CNM’s campuses where certified officials will give a 30-minute hands-only CPR training session, said Hines.

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Special Series: The Deal With Drugs

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor | Photos By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

“The Deal with Drugs” is a special series that looks at various aspects and issues of drugs and drug addiction.

Psychedelics are a clas­sification of drugs that have mind-altering effects because they affect the brain chemistry easily, said Director of Nursing Programs Diane Evans-Prior.

Psychedelics can alter neural transmission and cause visual or auditory hallucinations, she said.

“It’s that they change the perceptions. Visually, the colors seem brighter, your sensations feel intense. Some people will report that the experience is like synesthesia, where people will smell music or hear color,” she said.

An experience can be posi­tive or negative. Taking peyote is almost always associated with heavy vomiting, she said. If someone takes the drug on a whim and has depression or anxiety, the psychedelic trip can make the effects of the disorder worse, she said.

“A lot of people who are pursuing this are looking for something to stop the pain, something to make them forget their bad lives. Often times it is considered a bad trip when the hallucinations end up being very terrifying,” she said.

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Restoring Homes, Rebuilding Lives

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor | Photos By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

Students from CNM’s SkillsUSA members were the team leaders in the Save Little Bear restoration project at Bonita Park, where more than 150 students from col­leges and high schools around the state helped restore Bonita Park staff housing, said Construction Technology major and SkillsUSA member Cheryl Douglass.

The projects included putting up strip-pine fencing, re-wiring and skirting mobile homes, digging ditches and repairing vehicles — includ­ing two trucks and a backhoe damaged in the June Ruidoso fire, she said.

“We united and conquered the burn area here in Bonita Park. I think it was rather suc­cessful,” said Douglass.

Watching people from dif­ferent schools come together to rebuild was an incredible experience, she said.

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Skin Deep

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Graduate Achieves Dream of Producing Makeup Line

Medical Health gradu­ate, current UNM student and cosmetics designer Danielle Bridges said that while the medical field is more stable; her passion is helping women feel beauti­ful and making it affordable.

When launching her makeup line, Passion, Beauty, Eternal Cosmetics, one of the most important things was to make it accessible to all women and make it match their personalities, she said.

“I always thought medi­cal was more stable but I’ve always been a makeup girl,” Bridges said, “I still have my little safety net but I figure I’ll still do makeup while I’m still at school because that is my heart.”

Her makeup line was launched in August and her aim was to make quality makeup without the label price, she said.

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10 Minutes With: Instructor Keven Goodrich Talks About His Rise to Math

By: Christopher Pope, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

“10 Minutes With…” is a feature in which a member of the CNM faculty shares professional insight on a local, national or interna­tional issue.

Part-time Math instructor Kevin Goodrich said he wanted to become an astronaut when he was growing up, but bad eyesight led him to a promising career teaching math.

He was about 8 years old when NASA first started launching people into space which really got him interested, he said.

He thought majoring in Engineering would be a good way to get started but found out that bad eyesight would hinder this dream, Goodrich said. Little did he know a work-study job at TVI would lead to a teach­ing career, he said.

“It was not until I got a job at TVI that I discovered I had the skill to teach,” said Goodrich.

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Cool Classes: Pychology 2289: Students are Dying to Participate

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

“Cool Classes” focuses on an interesting program or class at CNM. To nominate a class or program, send an email to jyllianchronicle@

Death and dying is something everybody will have to deal with in life so this class is one that students should think about taking, said full-time CHSS instruc­tor James Johnson.

Psychology 2289 – Death and Dying is a class that prepares students for handling death emotion­ally, physically, mentally and financially, he said.

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Double, Double Toil and Trouble

By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

The Hyatt Regency Hotel, in conjunction with CNM’s Culinary Arts and Art pro­grams, will be hosting Dia de los Muertos, a charity event to benefit the CNM Culinary Arts Scholarship Endowment, said Culinary Arts Program Coordinator, Chef Scott Clapp.

The event will take place on Nov. 1 at the Downtown Hyatt, and will include hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, music and dancing, tequila tasting, sidewalk chalk art and free face painting, said Hyatt’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Geoff Armerding.

“We’re really excited. It’s going to be a really great time, and it’s great for CNM,” said Clapp.

This is the event’s fifth year, and each year the Hyatt selects a different charity to benefit, choosing CNM for 2012, said Clapp. He said that Hyatt is one of CNM’s industry partners, and has been very supportive of the culinary program.

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