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By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Graduate Achieves Dream of Producing Makeup Line

Medical Health gradu­ate, current UNM student and cosmetics designer Danielle Bridges said that while the medical field is more stable; her passion is helping women feel beauti­ful and making it affordable.

When launching her makeup line, Passion, Beauty, Eternal Cosmetics, one of the most important things was to make it accessible to all women and make it match their personalities, she said.

“I always thought medi­cal was more stable but I’ve always been a makeup girl,” Bridges said, “I still have my little safety net but I figure I’ll still do makeup while I’m still at school because that is my heart.”

Her makeup line was launched in August and her aim was to make quality makeup without the label price, she said.

“I loved Mac, and things like that, but I’m a college kid and cannot afford to go there so I knew I wanted the high color pay off,” Bridges said.

She said she wanted to have the fun colors and all of the pigments of quality makeup but she did not want it to cost $200.

Her makeup line is affordable and anyone can buy it no matter what their budget, she said.

“Sometimes I see women walk in, head hanging low, a little sad and they get out of my chair or they put on my makeup and they’re beam­ing and they’re confident,” Bridges said. “Every woman deserves that regardless of their demographic.”

She said her makeup is sold at Love Light Boutique at 147 Harvard Dr. SE and Trendz Beauty Supply at 5314 Menaul Blvd. NE.

She finds joy in helping customers find what they are looking for and it is better than the money, she said.

“My biggest happiness is seeing them so excited and smiling,” Bridges said, “To me, it’s not just about the sale because the reason I wanted to do this it’s more important than the money aspect.”

She asks customers questions to help them find the ideal makeup to fit their personalities, she said. She believes that in order to get the right makeup it is neces­sary to find what customers are like and what they are interested in so she knows what the perfect pieces are, said Bridges.

“When I meet customers I ask ‘What’s your personality, are you really bold or are you really subtle?’ Bridges said, “I ask them what they are so I can match their personality.”

She genuinely wants to help people find the perfect makeup and she can tell that people recognize that, she said.

“I’ve sold out of half of my product already and it’s because I think people can sense that I’m not just going to give you a color because I want the certain price,” Bridges said. “I want you to be happy and smile.”

Bill Forts, owner of Love Light Boutique, said he was all for the idea of Bridges selling her makeup in his store because her makeup style matches the type of clothes he designs.

“She came to me saying ‘your boutique is exactly what I’m looking for in order to carry my line of cosmetics,’” Forts said. “Her makeup is very bold and ridge deep and that’s what I like.”

She went to Forts with the idea and he did everything he could in order to make it happen, she said. He jumped on the idea and was more than happy to help her with her line, said Bridges.

“I came with an idea and said ‘I have makeup and your store’s awesome’ and Trendsz is awesome too because they were like ‘how do we do this and how do we get it in the store?’ and they just worked with me,” Bridges said.

She is an artist as well and that makeup is not just a superficial subject. She said art is beautiful and so is makeup and makeup is her art, Bridges said.

Her makeup career was 10 years in the making and she hopes to continue it for as long as she can, she said.

For more information visit­beautyeternalcosmetics.

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