Column: Health Awareness Initiative

By: Angelika Swhamberger, Guest Columnist

You Cannot Out-Train a Bad Diet

We are constantly inundated with advice from fitness gurus who show us the newest exercise trends and with advertisements for fitness equipment demon­strated by men and women with chiseled abdominals.

The truth is that you cannot out-train a bad diet. No matter how many hours you exercise or what kind of exercise you perform, a bad diet will erase most benefits you gain from it.

Your diet controls 75-80 per­cent of your physical health as well as appearance. It is the single most important factor in controlling your weight and physical health; further, it is the only control we all have over our health.

While we cannot control our body type or genetic predisposition to disease, we can control what we eat and drink.

Dieticians and nutritionists claim that instead of trying to cut out those comfort foods we love, to add a healthful food into your diet.

If you love pizza or cake, keep eating it, but limit the frequency and quantity of these foods. For instance, try to make healthful food choices 75 percent of the time.

Further, eating out is considered to be another contributor to weight gain, so try to limit eating out as it will save you money and cut down on weight gain.

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