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Monsanto to run for President in 2020

This article is satirical in nature, and is in no way factual, but is for humouristic purposes only. By Carrie Ratkevich , Guest writer In a press conference Tuesday, Monsanto announced that it would seek the presiden­tial nomination for the Democratic Party in 2020, said Sherry Sanderson, public relations representative. The decision came after last month’s court decision, McCutcheon Et Al.

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Universal Design Team commends CNM Chronicle

In response to Volume 20, Issue 6 ‘Exemplary instruction gives disabled students a fighting chance.’   To the Editor of the CNM Chronicle, We, the leadership team of the Universal Design Team at CNM, wish to commend the CNM Chronicle reporters and editorial staff for their insightful story on how faculty at CNM support students with disabilities and the statement

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Letter to the Editor – In response to Volume 20 Issue 1 ‘Aviation students want their teacher back’

To the Editor: I recently read the article on the Aviation Maintenance program printed in the May 20th issue of The Chronicle. I found it to be a very one-sided, unjust, and poorly researched article. I am a 2014 graduate of the program with a unique perspective, being the only woman in the program for 2 years, as well as

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Letter to the Editor on Boundaries, Rape Culture and Sexual Harassment

This last weekend I had the distinctly unpleasant experience of being on the receiving end of sexual harassment from a women to myself, a man. I have never knowingly or deliberately engaged in wolf-whistling, lewd catcalls or “copping a feel” myself and to find myself on the receiving end and having my crotch grabbed by someone I barely knew was

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