Editorial: Just Do it

By: The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

There are many char­tered organizations within CNM that are created and ran by students to create opportunities for their peers, but the problem lies in raising awareness about the groups and motivating people to get involved.

These students are will­ing to help each other gain experience in fields they may be pursuing as a career or even as a lifetime hobby.

Leonardo is an annual magazine that the Chronicle writes about during every publication season, and in this week’s issue Leonardo’s adviser, Full-time CHSS instructor Patrick Houlihan, is calling for more student involvement to continue a tradition that has been occur­ring for over a decade.

They have a board con­sisting entirely of student edi­tors and designers who dedi­cate their free time to putting together a unique compila­tion that helps express the artistic styles of other student photographer, writers, and other artists of various types of mediums.

Leonardo consistently experiences difficulties in publishing because there is a lack of student involve­ment on the editorial and designer boards.

This was not only a prob­lem for Leonardo, but is a continual problem for mul­tiple student organizations like Executive Council of Students, Shooting club, and the Allocations Board.

Unfortunately CNM has a high turnover rate and administration has many other focuses such as build­ing enrollment numbers and employing the community while dealing with budget cuts, so student involvement is not currently a top priority.

It is time that students seek out and get involved in student organizations and recognize them as valuable assets to utilize.

Being active in one or more chartered student organizations helps build community, leadership skills, and character.

There are many options available to get involved, and often times the group will be willing to volunteer with outside organizations that an individual may already be involved with.

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