CNM offers free Wi-Fi in campus parking lots

Story by Chloe Fox

Staff Reporter

CNM is offering free WiFi hotspots for students and the public to access from their cars, located within the parking lots of each campus, according to Krystal Loya, Technical Support Specialist at the ITS Service Desk.

According to Loya, maps highlighting the hotspots can be found on CNM’s website, at

“It seems to work better in certain spots, if you’re on main campus, it’s going to work best for you in the Student Resource Center lot,” says Loya.

Loya says that the hotspots on campus are available until 10 pm, when security closes down campus for the evening. “Right now with security and everything that’s going on, there’s only certain times that they can access them [hotspots]. I believe it’s still until 10 at night, when security closes the gate,” says Loya.

Baker says if students find themselves unable to access a hotspot location, all they have to do in order to gain access is give security dispatch a phone call at (505) 224-3002.

“Since campus is technically open [until 10pm], all they have to do is call security and request that to be opened, and they can come in and use the hotspot,” says Baker.

When people come to campus to access these hotspots since they are in the parking lot there is no need to deal directly with security, all a student needs to do is drive in, park, log in and get to work.

Loya says that regardless of the semester or current health situtation, individuals will always be able to access free WiFi hotspots on campus. “As long as you’re on campus and the campus is deemed to be open, they [the hotspots] are always going to be available,” Loya says.

Main Campus

For best access to free Wi-Fi visitors should park anywhere on Southside of SRC in lots located between the PPD building and KC building.

South lot located in front of SRC
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)
Lot located to the south east of the SRC and east of KC building
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

Workforce Training Center

Due to the nature of the size of this campus there is Wi-Fi access on both sides of the building in the South West lot and North East lot closer to the building.

South West entrance to Work Force Training Center
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)
North East lot of WTC
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)
South West lot of WTC
(Photo By Daniel Johnson)

South Valley Campus

Best signal is accessed from the parking lot that is on the east side of buildings SV-1 and SV-2 on the east side of campus.

Entrance to South Valley campus located on Westside of campus on Isleta Blvd
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

Lot on Eastside of SV-1 and SV-2 looking towards campus
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

Lot on East side of SV-1 and SV-2 looking east from SV-1 building.
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

Advanced Technology Center

Best signal here is located on the northwest corner of the building in the Visitors Lot located off of Alameda Blvd.

Rio Rancho Campus

Another single building campus so signal is ok in most lots but for best signal you should pull in to the dirt parking lot on east side of building.

Dirt lot on east side of Rio Rancho Campus
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

Lot on west side of Rio Rancho Campus.
(Photo by Daniel Johnson)

West Side Campus

Best signal is located in parking lot on north side of WS2 building. This lot is on the north east corner of the campus.

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