Out of order

By: Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Students have complained that the bathrooms, especially on Main campus, are often troublesome.

Engineering Major Daniel Meza said the bathrooms all over Main campus are dirty. The men’s bathrooms in Max Salazar Hall are particu­larly neglected, he said.

“It smells of sewer all the time and is continu­ously dirty. They’re always backed up,

Every other toilet in the men’s bathroom on the third floor is broken,” he said.

The bathrooms in Ken Chappy Hall also have many issues, and the tem­perature is not ideal for anyone, he said.

“They are continuously below temperature, it’s like 60 degrees in there,” he said.

Meza said he often uses the bathrooms near the portable buildings near the Student Resource Center and has noticed that the toilets have been broken for three semesters now with no sign of repair.

“On Main campus it takes six months to a year before anything happens. You never notice it fixed quickly,” he said.

He attends classes at various campuses and has noticed a lack of maintenance at Main campus, he said.

“All the bathroom issues are here on Main campus. If you travel to Montoya, Westside or Rio Rancho they are all brand new and clean and always in working condi­tion,” he said.

Not only are the bath­rooms left without main­tenance for long periods of time, but necessities like soap and paper towels are hard to come by, he said.

“The hot water doesn’t work; the sensors under­neath the water spouts don’t work.

The paper towels are always left out or they’re completely out. We don’t even have toilet paper in the stalls,” he said.

Nursing Major Leona Adams said she has noticed a lack of upkeep in the women’s restrooms at Main Campus as well.

There is always graf­fiti on the stalls and it does not seem to get cleaned up , she said.

“In the student services building, the first floor stalls usually have graffiti on the back of the doors, also on the sides and in the handicap bathroom,” she said.

She has also had to help a disabled friend who was not able to access the bathroom easily because of the design, she said.

“I’ve actually had to help one of my friends in a wheel chair because the rails were too far from the toilet and it made it very difficult,” she said.

The women’s bath­rooms are messy and the paper towels and bags of soap are often sitting on the counter rather than in their holders, she said.

“The soap and paper towels are just every­where,” she said.

Criminology Major Bianca Cowboy said the stalls in MS need to be replaced because many of the doors are broken and do not have hooks on the back.

“The doors to the stalls are broken, they are sup­posed to have hangers for your bag and they don’t have those in most of them,” she said.

The bathrooms are falling apart and are always dirty, she said.

“It’s always gross, there are always paper towels out everywhere and the paper towel machines are taken apart. The soap is the same way and the tile was even coming out in one of the bathrooms in MS,” she said.

Director of Mechanical Services Blaine Henderson said he was directed to decline comment by Director of Marketing and Communications Brad Moore.

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