Editorial: Make it count

Editorial By: The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

President Winograd’s retention bonus is too much money. As mentioned in this week’s article, “President of CNM receives pay raise,” the measure was approved in November’s Governing Board meet­ing to increase her retention bonus from five to 10 percent.

This additional money would be a small but encouraging bonus for CNM faculty, who with the large amount of work and small amount of pay, need much more encourage­ment to stick around.

It is good that she received a two per­cent non-recurring and three percent recurring raise, along with the rest of CNM employees, but there was no need for a raise in her reten­tion bonus.

The retention bonus increase alone adds up to more than an additional $21,000 annually on top of her regular salary.

It would seem that her bonuses for achiev­ing goals would be enough incentive to con­tinue at the institution. These bonuses have yet been determined, and will be in addition to her more than $260,000 annual salary.

As Full-time SAGE instructor and Employee’s Union President Andy Tibble stated, in this week’s article, giving an employee in the educa­tion industry a bonus just for sticking around is an unusual prac­tice. Especially since Winograd already makes more than the average community college president.

This quick deci­sion was a bold move to make considering many governing board seats are up for re-election in January 2013. President Winograd is not the only person whom they need to keep happy.

She is also not the only one working to improve the CNM community. All staff and faculty have a part in forwarding the prog­ress of the school, and should be rewarded more often.

Every instructor, especially part-time, puts in many more hours than they are allowed to claim— they are on the frontlines of educating the community.

Yes, Winograd has been with CNM for a long time, but not nearly as long as some staff and faculty who have been here for a decade or two. They need no cash incentive to hang around longer, so why does she?

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