To Spring Break or not to Spring Break

By: Adriana Avila, Managing Editor

The Executive Council of Students is working with mem­bers of administration to get stu­dent input about the possibility of removing spring break after this school year, said President of ECOS and Criminal Justice Major Stephen Martos.

There had been a five-year agreement for spring break dates to align among CNM, UNM and APS, but now that the agreement has ended, APS is moving their spring break to the middle of April, said Martos.

It would be senseless to continue the alignment since the spring term for CNM ends April 27, he said.

“There’s no sense in us to have a week off, one week of class and then finals week,” said Martos.

Director of Marketing and Communications Brad Moore said the spring break agreement was created a few years ago to benefit students, faculty and staff with family attending other edu­cational institutions.

Martos said the administra­tion is creating the survey and would like ECOS’s participation in increasing student awareness of the issue.

“The survey will examine pos­sible alternatives, including the complete removal of spring break and an extended break between the spring and summer terms, Martos said.

There will be a separate link for students, faculty and staff to take the survey, which should be available later this week. The survey will be accessed through the CNM homepage, he said.

One of the big­gest issues is that non-alignment with APS could make it espe­cially difficult for stu­dent parents, he said.

“They’re going to worry about who’s going to watch their kids during the break while they’re attend­ing school or work,” said Martos.

He said that even though this is a major concern, it is still silly to have a spring break just before the final two weeks of the term.

“If CNM would get rid of it we would end a week earlier than normal and we would have three weeks off,” Martos said.

He said ECOS is planning to set up a booth on Main Campus to address the issue with the student body and understand the range of issues and concerns stu­dents may have.

“It is going to be word of mouth, just talking to students, answering questions and kind of getting that information out there,” Martos said.

Like many arguments, there are the pros and cons involved with the situ­ation, but participa­tion is a must and get­ting feedback from the student body is vital, he said.

“We need to hear from as many mem­bers of the CNM community as possi­ble,” said Martos.

Students with questions or concerns on this or any other issue can contact ECOS at 224-4746 or by emailing ecos@

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