Editorial: One staff to help them all

By The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

It is not surprising that most students do not know about the many services offered at CNM, as mentioned in the front page article “Student counseling needs increase, Health Center staff size does not.”

There is but one counselor on Main campus to serve a population of 30,000 people and even that service is not well advertised.

It is not a viable solution to the alarming number of students that have diagnosable and treatable issues, such as depression or anxiety.

One out of four college students suf­fers from some form of diagnosable mental illness and 44 percent of American col­lege students reported feeling symptoms of depression at some point in their college careers, according to psychcentral.com.

Measures need to be taken to expand the mental health services pro­vided on campus.

CNM should expand its services and aim to put a counselor on each of its cam­puses, so that students can get the help they need without a long wait or overtaxing a lone therapist.

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