The American Families Plan: Colleges Wait and Wonder

Story by Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

As the American Families Plan moves closer to legislative action, CNM, like many community colleges across the U.S., will be watching and waiting to see what happens, said CNM’s Interim Vice President of Student Services, Ann Lyn Hall.

 The bill proposes to make two years of community college free for students according to Fact Sheet: The American Families Plan | The White House

CNM leadership is continuing to monitor this bill because students, staff, and faculty all want to know what is going to happen with it, she said.

“We do believe that making community college free, or more affordable, will really help our community and our students. We definitely see a major impact in New Mexico if this bill is passed,” she said.

According to Fact Sheet: The American Families Plan | The White House, the legislation also proposes an increase of $1400 to the amount awarded through the Pell Grant.

Having a larger Pell Grant would also help students because that not only pays for tuition and fees but also helps students pay for other costs as well, said Hall.

According to Hall, this could help students to stay in school and be able to finish a degree because finances would be less of a barrier.

“Nobody comes to school to not complete. People come to school because they have something that they want to do. So, my sense is something like this legislation would really allow some additional resources to help students meet those goals,” stated Hall.

For the school, according to Hall, the benefits proposed in the plan could equate to higher enrollment rates and better student retention.

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