Health Science major awarded Work Study of the Year

By: Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter

Dominic Trujillo, a Health Science major and work study employee in the BIT offices, said he is honored to be recognized as Work Study Employee of the Year.

The title, which was bestowed upon Trujillo on April 12 at the work study appreciation luncheon, is given to one student employee annually, and Trujillo’s supervisor Elaine Sanchez said the staff could not be more proud.

“It is cool to be recognized since I help a lot of people in and out of the office,” Trujillo said.

Sanchez said Trujillo was nomi­nated because he goes above and beyond to help students and staff.

When students are lost or need assistance, Dominic is willing to walk them to other buildings to find what it is they are looking for, she said.

“He has a unique way of staying calm and cool in any type of situation,” she said.

He is always trust­worthy, reliable and extremely dependable in the office, she said.

Trujillo said the workload can vary from difficult to easy, but everything he does has to be on time and done accurately, he said.

Trujillo said that his co-workers deserve credit for their support.

He feels all of the women he works with are like office moms who help him to be his best, he said.

“They all make sure that I am doing my home­work, going to class and that I’m pushing and working hard to get out of being a work-study so that I can move on to bigger and better things in my life,” he said.

He plans to continue to be a work-study until he completes his degree and then move on to the Nursing program so he can continue to help people, he said.

“I figure I’ll be work­ing at CNM for at least another two years, unless they try to keep me longer,” he said.

When he does leave, Trujillo will be missed, Sanchez said.

“We keep threaten­ing to tape him to the chair and kidnap him so he can stick around for longer and we have be trying to con­vince him to pick out a couple more degrees he could try to go for, so we could have him work for us a few more years,” she said.

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