Editorial Issue 22 Volume 19 | Yet again…

By The Chronical Editorial Board
There have been a number of devastating shootings, and our government needs to take these situations seriously and start building reform for mental health in America. On Friday Oct. 1, at LAX airport, shooter Paul Ciancia pulled a .223-caliber assault rifle from a bag and shot TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez and then went from person to person asking people if they were TSA agents, according to cnn.com.
Another incident recently occurred right here in Albuquerque. Christopher Chase died in shootout and car chase with police that ended at Fourth Street and Montano Road on Saturday, Oct. 26, according to KOAT.com.
It is almost infuriating that the media is so concentrated on the suspects and their motives, down to what tattoos a suspect may have had. It is redundant the way media covers these issues, instead of speaking with the victims, and finding out how these incidents really affect the people who are injured or forced to be witnesses to such crimes.
No one should have to be subject to such atrocities; it is because our government does not care either way, and pretends not to have the capability to change how these individuals are treated mentally. Gun laws will always be an issue, but mental health is something that has not been addressed in this country since the 70’s, and this editorial board thinks it’s high time the government took responsibility for the people it governs by giving better and more accessible facilities to people that truly need help, before incidents such as these occur again, which they will, and hopefully the government will see that change is truly needed in mental healthcare fields before it is too late.

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