Parking at CNM

By Staff Reporter

Robert Slevin

Students at CNM need to purchase a parking permit that is available through the CNM website or from Student Parking Services.

According to Fleet Compliance Manager, Michael Griego, all CNM parking officers follow the same protocol when it comes to checking vehicles parked on campus. If you do not possess a valid permit, you can obtain a temporary day pass from parking services or from a fleet compliance officer directly, he said.

CNM main campus has general and reserved lots, but all other campuses only have general lots, he said. 

Griego also stated that, “After 4pm, essentially all reserved lots become general lots.”

If you are just visiting a CNM campus for the day and are not a student, you also will have to park in either a meter parking space or visit the Parking Services office on campus and they will provide you with a day pass, said Griego.

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