Don’t let back to school blues ruin this week, get proactive

By the CNM Chroni­cle Editorial Board

Sometimes it can be difficult to come back to school after a nice long break, and many of us are guilty of lazing around during the holiday season, which can get us completely out of synch with going back to a demanding school schedule.

It can be tough to get back into the swing of things and here are few tips to do just that.

Getting back on track is crucial to not being mis­erable for the next couple of weeks, so take the time to make sure sleeping and eating habits go back to normal before coming back to school, so as to not be groggy and hungry in class, as well as to not sleep through any classes and to be able to be alert while instructors are explaining semester lesson plans and student expectations.

Being prepared is sometimes all it takes to succeed, so creating a rou­tine and daily schedule for homework and other school related tasks can be beneficial to having a real plan of attack and follow­ing through with it to have a better chance at success this semester.

Instructors may be a little slow to coming back after the break as well, so if a teacher isn’t being clear about something, do not be afraid to ask for clarifi­cation, even if everyone in class is new, because it does not help a student to not understand lessons begin­ning in the first week of class.

Also try to be patient with instructors because they are probably trying to be patient with their students as well, and some of them probably lazed around just as much as their students over the break, so they might just need to back into swing of things themselves.

Also, it may sound silly, but eating a good breakfast truly does help when having to get up before noon for the first time in weeks, so make sure to take the time to eat a good meal and that will help getting through a grueling day of first classes.

Don’t forget to take the time de-stress at some point this week as well and not think about school or the piling homework that needs to be done, instead take some time for yourself and relax or do something fun to unwind before getting to the nitty gritty.

Coming back to school can really suck sometimes, but taking the time to do these few things over the first few weeks can help, and don’t worry because it’s only a few months until spring break. Good luck to every­one this semester, and don’t let those back to school blues get ya down.

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