Security makes effort to keep students safe during emergencies

By The Chronicle Editorial Board

It is great to hear that Security Director William Duran in the article “Security department deals with thefts and starts community based initiative,” is taking steps to ensure that all campuses are up to date with a new access control system that will incorporate intrusion control.

That means that if there ever were a shooter situation students and faculty could have their classroom doors lock automatically to prevent injuries or loss of life.

With shooter incidents becoming fre­quent in schools throughout the nation, it is relieving to hear that measures will be taken to make sure students and staff are safe on campus.

Not many schools are taking the ini­tiative at the community college level to get this type of access control system, so CNM is fortunate in the care and safety that the school plans to start.

Every second counts when it comes to shooters on campus, and an overall campus lock system could have the poten­tial to save countless lives.

According to the since 2012 when 20 first-graders were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, that school shootings have taken place in America every two weeks on average, with the majority of shooter situations being at high schools throughout the nation.

According to the Run/Hide/Fight reaction to school shooter scenarios suggests that running is not always better than hiding, and that the Department of Homeland security suggests evacuating if there is a possible escape route without contact with the shooter, but if not that students should try to hide until help can come school-wide.

Procedures such as this need to also be addressed and taught to students here so that everyone on campus knows what to do in a shooter situation, so hopefully when this new system is finished at all the campuses, maybe the school can do lock-down drills just as fire drills are done, and educate everyone at the same time on what students can to do to ensure their own safety.

The Chronicle appreciates that the security force on campus is changing things on campus for the better, and that are instilling a better customer service type philosophy that brings student safety to the forefront at CNM.

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