Changes are coming

By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Some readers may be wondering why the Chronicle has downsized to only four pages this summer, and the edito­rial board would like to explain what the Chronicle hopes to be doing this summer and in the coming year.

The CNM Chronicle will be restructuring over the summer semester to make an enhanced and more comprehensive instrument out of the student newspaper.

This will be to help incoming student employees to learn from the paper in a more universal and modernized way.

The staff is taking this summer to research better learning resources, find out about how other community college newspapers are run, and incorporating better policies at the Chronicle.

All of this is to help the Chronicle transition into the modern era so to speak, by focusing more on the additional online version of the paper, as well as to have the usual print version of the paper seen more on campuses.

The Chronicle hopes to be able to start emailing students the weekly paper, as well as focusing more on website-based stories pro­vided to students throughout the week, not just in a weekly publication.

We also hope to introduce a mobile app sometime next year that will provide students with up to date stories and bul­letins via their mobile phones to be more user friendly and give news to students more easily.

We are changing the overall structure of the student newspaper so that the Chronicle is caught up with the technological times and to be able to properly instruct students about current applications used in the professional world of journalism.

The Chronicle will be going back to the usual eight and 12 pages again during the fall semester.

So please bear with us while we are optimistically transitioning into a more efficient and innovative newspaper that students can relate to, and that will be an effectual learning tool for future student employ­ees to benefit from for years to come.

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