Locked out: Another inconvenience for the pedestrian

This story was submitted by a CNM student expressing their opinions on the situation with the gates by oosevelt Park, and those of the individual writer and do not necessarily represent the beliefs of The CNM Chronicle or its staff.
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By Addrienne Webb, Guest Writer | Photos By Addrienne Webb


Across the board, let’s all agree that Albuquerque is not a walkable city. Finding benches on sidewalks is as uncom­mon as a vehicle yielding to a pedestrian. Additionally, entry-ways to supermarkets and shops are specifically designed for vehicles, though, this is not the case for Albuquerque. Unlike the state of California and others, New Mexico does not have a law called “The Pedestrian Right-of-Way;” this law states that as soon as a pedestrian steps into a crosswalk, all cars must yield to the person walking. Additionally, this law can also pro­tects those pedestrians crossing roadways without crosswalks.

In contrast to the city of Albuquerque, it can often be expected that junior colleges and universities are designed for people on foot. Unfortunately, CNM is not in this category and anyone who has walked the very dim lit area between the TC trailers and SSC parking lot know exactly what this means. The gate access between Roosevelt Park and Smith Brasher Hall is no longer accessible.

I am invested in this issue because the gate eased my walking commute to and from campus and my apartment. After noticing the gate being locked for a couple of days straight, I rang the Security Office on Main Campus to inquire. After being transferred a couple of times, I was finally able to talk to the person respon­sible for making the decision to close the gate: William Duran, the Chief of Security at Main Campus. Through our discussion, I was informed that other fac­ulty/students had contacted him about the issue. Furthermore, he informed me that the idea of lock­ing the gate has been a topic of discussion for years now and he took it upon himself to close the gate indefinitely. I inquired about why suddenly the gate is being locked and he stated that it’s due to “regulations.” The specifics of why the gate was being closed was not divulged to me. In suggesting an alternative route, Mr. Duran said I could walk on Hazeldine, the road that is parallel to SB and adjacent to Coal Avenue. Unfortunately, the right side of Hazeldine rd. has no sidewalk and is usually crowded with parked cars.

Would you like to inquire about the gate closure and voice your opin­ion? Please contact the Chief of Security, William Duran at (505) 224-4639.


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