Haunted hotel in Albooquerque

By The CNM Tourism Club

This building was originally known as the Santa Fe hospital in 1926, Memorial Hospital in the 1980’s and Hotel Parq Central today.

This historical landmark has been vested for just shy of one hundred years.

Back when the establishment opened in 1926 the Santa Fe hospital was a treatment center for young adults and adolescence suffer­ing from mental conditions.

Throughout the years, the business has changed everything from the ownership, to its name. In 2010 with support from the city, the Hunting Highland Historic District Neighborhood Association and a huge $21 million dollar investment it was converted into the new Hotel Parq Central which is a luxurious hotel, located right off I-25.

This extravagant hotel stands today as one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in Albuquerque.

One of the most fascinating things about Hotel Parq Central is that there have been reports of paranormal activity throughout the years.

Some of the hotels visitors have said they have had their own experiences including the sighting of apparitions and report having their bed sheets pulled off them in the middle of the night.

Aside from spooky sightings and bed sheets vanishing in the middle of the night a paranormal investiga­tion group called the Los Muertos Spirit Seekers did some hunting of their own.

The investiga­tion involved the use of multiple forms of equip­ment that ranged from cameras, flash lights, and voice recorders.

After listening to what was captured on the digital voice recording and using the flight-lighting technique which is an attempt at com­munication with a spirit that involves the answering of ques­tions through the turning on of a flash­light, they claim to have found proof of some of these paranormal activities.

Non the less, this is still one of the most highly recommended spots in Albuquerque to get away, unwind, de-stress and restore with many different thrilling, comforting, culture filled amenities that come with a stay at the ‘urban oasis’ Hotel Parq Central.

So it is a recommended visit for those that wish to get away in luxury or just want to make an attempt at contacting the other side.

For more information please visit www. hotelparqcentral.com or www.losmuertosspir­itseekers.com.

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