Student Opportunities; Los Poblanos looking for students interested in hospitality industry

By Daniel Johnson, Editor-n-Chief and Lynne Cash, Vice President of CNM Tourism Club | Photos by Daniel Johnson

As a small business it is important to meet the needs of all guest that visit the establish­ment and that means that hiring the right kind of employee is a major priority for Los Poblanos, said Los Poblanos Inn Manager Nancy Kinyanjui.

Being a small business means that when an individual is hired they may work many different jobs, she said.

“We really have focused on hiring people that want to work in this industry and are looking for a unique opportunity to learn more than one hat or job while working in hospitality, she said.

When someone is hired to work the front desk they will be trained on that job but they may also learn how to do housekeeping and some janitorial, she said.

It is important for students to enter into different internships in the fields that they are choosing to study so they can receive hands on experience in those fields, Kinyanjui said.

That kind of educational process is very important because once a student has the opportunity to work in the field they may decide that it is not what they wanted and can then move on to some­thing that better suits them, she said.

“We have some people that work many jobs and we really push the idea that you should not be hired to just do one thing but actually be involved in many aspects of the business,” Kinyanjui said.

Students are ideal to hire because they are so full of energy and ready to approach the workforce head on, she said.

Being able to have a diverse college expe­rience will help all students once they gradu­ate, she said.

Anytime a student is approaching the work force there are many things that they need to remember and that can help them get hired, she said.


“The enthusiasm and energy that a stu­dent possess is amazing and is something that is greatly desired here at Los Poblanos,” Kinyanjui said.

Some of the other things that we would like to get students involved in is if they want to work hospitality then they better know how to do guest services, she said.

If someone is studying to work with people then they better know how to talk and handle many different attitudes that they may run into, she said.

“If you want to help people and make them comfortable during their stay then you better know how to greet them with some­thing more than just a hello,” Kinyanjui said.

A student should also research the place that they are apply­ing to so that way the potential employer can see that they are actually interested in the position and want­ing to be part of the team, she said.

A resume should be concise and to the point as well as being tailored to the type of job you are applying for, she said.

There should not be anything unprofes­sional about the infor­mation that is provided, she said.

“If you provide a potential employer with access to your Facebook or Instagram account then you better make sure you do not have any inappropriate pictures on there that could kill your chances of getting hired,” Kinyanjui said.

Another area the stu­dents need to pay attention to would be the follow up process, she said.

“If you go in for an interview don’t just sit on your hands and wait for a response, call the place back and see where you stand after your interview,” she said.

Being able to remind them of a specific person might lead them to hire that person above someone who shows no interest, she said.

In the hospitality indus­try there is a high turnover ratio but Los Poblanos prides themselves on having a lower than average turn­over ratio, she said.

“Los Poblanos is mar­keted as a unique travel experience which allows us the fortune of never really having an off season,” Kinyanjui said.

The Inn is family owned and operated by the Rembe family who are originally from Albuquerque, she said.

The long term perse­veration plan for the loca­tions historical buildings lead the owners to decide upon a long term sustain­able business which lead to the creation of the current location being a beautiful historic inn and organic farm, she said.

The inn originally opened in 2000 and started with six guest rooms and now offers a total of 21 rooms that can accommodate up to 50 visiting guests, she said.

“Being a small business has allowed us to focus on the more organic and local angle of our approach to our guests,” Kinyanjui said

The menu that is offered at the onsite res­taurant uses only food that is from local farms throughout the state of New Mexico, she said.

The inn offers guided tours of the farm which offers guests an opportunity to see where some of their food comes from espe­cially since a lot of the food served at the res­taurant is grown on site, she said.

“We love being able to let our guests as well as our employees know what it is to expe­rience the more hands on approach to things if it that means digging in the dirt to pick your own potato or picking your own tomatoes because every potato and tomatoes has its own story,” Kinyanjui said.

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