Winter fashion show: Cosmetology students out on a show for class final

By Daniel Johnson, Editor-n-Chief

The Advanced Salon Cosmetology 2692 class is putting on a student run fashion show on December 4, 2014 at the CNM South Valley Campus from 6pm to 8pm, Cosmetology Major Valerie Archibeque said.

The show will let fourth term students have an opportunity to use all the skills that they have acquired throughout the course of the program, she said.

“We will be able to apply and show off all the stuff we have learned while being students of the cosmetology program at CNM”, Archibeque said.

This is the first time we are doing this as a final for the actual class, she said.

Cosmetology major Natalie Rojo said the fashion show is not only the final for the class but it is also something that the department hopes will help to get the cosmetology program noticed.

“The show will allow the students the oppor­tunity to show off what they have learned in the different areas we study in cosmetology, like hair, nails, make-up, and other aspects of fash­ion,” she said.

Cosmetology major Louie Mendoza said the students will have to plan out the entire show from top to bottom.

There are 11 students doing this and each student will have two models so there will be 22 total models that will walk the runway, he said.

Students also have to plan out the floor design, seating, food, the theme, and how the show will flow, he said.

“It should be a lot of fun because we will get to express who we are with the help of what we have learned,” Mendoza said.

Each student will be able to show their true potential by using their models as a blank canvass and just creating an individualized mas­terpiece, he said.

The Cosmetology class does not get a lot of recognition since it is held only at the south valley campus which is kind of sepa­rated from the rest of Albuquerque, Rojo said.

“We want to leave an impression because we want our program to be seen and stand out more because we have the show as a final but just like regular areas of study we also have to study for paper finals and still do our homework,” she said.

This event will allow students to look for­ward to something fun as a final, Mendoza said.

The preparation for the show will take a couple of hours since we have to set up the catwalk and perfor­mance space all while making up our models, he said.

“It will be better than just doing a couple of perms and call­ing it a day,” he said.

With the show getting closer a lot of the students are starting to get that nervous filling and becoming very anxious for the show, he said.

Part time cosmetology instructor Babette Reeves- Harmon said the fashion show will be the fourth term final project which should be a fun opportunity for the students to do something exciting while still putting them­selves out there, she said.

Several years ago there was a fashion show that was done by the whole department but this time around it is just for the students in Cosmetology 2692, she said.

The students were informed that they should approach the local community for donations when it came to the clothing that the models are going to be wearing because it allows them to get out and communicate with the community which is going to be something they have to do regularly once they graduate, she said.

The students will be graded on how well they have allocated time for preparation of the show and the making up of the models hair, makeup, nails, and wardrobe, all the way to how well they clean the location after the show is over, she said.

“We are welcoming all students, staff and faculty to attend the show because we want people to come from all seven campus of CNM to support our little community that is nestled away here in the south valley,” she said.

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