Best and Worst Valentine’s Gifts

By Nasia Jones

Staff Reporter

With Valentine’s Day approaching, picking a gift for your Valentine is crucial. Here are some CNM student picks for the best and worst Valentine’s gifts.

The classic approach of flowers and chocolate is good, but the worst gift someone could get is a gift card, said business major, Nicole Leslie.

A good gift for Valentine’s Day is a connection or bond that you share with another person, something only you two would be able to grasp and know what it is, said criminal justice major Cameron Chavez-Kerr. 

The worst gift to get someone would have to be dead flowers, Chavez-Kerr said.

A road trip would be a good gift because it removes the materialistic aspect and it makes the experience more intimate, said criminology major, Alejandro Galvan.

The worst gift to receive for Valentine’s Day would have to be socks, Galvan said.

“A human size teddy bear or a lot of roses would be nice, said nursing major, Perla Juarez, “I don’t really like chocolate, so pizza would be a good alternative.”

Some flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and a movie date would be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, said psychology major, Heaven Evangelista. 

“You have to play into the small things, and it doesn’t have to be big and materialistic, you have to show them you care and that you’re listening to them”, said by business major, Gabriel Beining.

Buying flowers in their favorite color and dinner is a must on Valentine’s Day, Beining said.




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