Job Connection Services

By Stephanie Stuckey, Staff Reporter

CNM continues to offer services to students who
have graduated through Job Connection Services
(JCS) and the Alumni Association.

CNM alumni have access to lifetime services with
Job Connection, said Amanda Rubio, student services
technician at Job Connection Services.

According to Rubio, Job Connection helps students
obtain certificates and degrees, which is a service
that begins before graduation.

Rubio said that students can call and speak to a
career advisor and get help over the phone.

“Sometimes a little pep talk is all that is needed,”
she said.

With 339 jobs currently listed on their website,
students who have recently graduated are likely to find
a great job, she said.

These jobs are entry level positions that correlate
with CNM programs, she said.

Job Connection also help students find and attain
paid job internships, she said.

Rubio said that JCS has data analysts that contact
graduates to see where they are working and to find
out how much money they are earning.

This is just one of many ways that JCS stays on
top of what fields are hiring at competitive rates in
order to have data to show other students going into
that same field that they can find a job and earn good
money too, she said.

Another way is by using outside resources to find
out what employers might be hiring, she said.

Job Connection Services is not a placement center,
but they do help find job leads and have access to outside
resources, she said.

Other services offered by Job Connection include
help with cover letters and resumes, and practice
interviews, one on one, with a career center advisor,
she said.

She also said that alum have access to free paper
copies and faxes.

Job Connection Services is so much more than just
technical help, she said.

Once students have registered with Job Connection
Services they can utilize the website from wherever
and whenever, she said.

Students’ success is so important to Job Connection
Services that they even have a clothing exchange to
help students attain the necessary attire to go into job
interviews with confidence, Rubio said.

These exchanges usually happen once a year, but
if a student poses a need before or after the exchange
happens then all the student needs to do is give Job
Connection Services a call and they are willing to help
to the best of their abilities, she said.

When classes are in session, Job Connection
Services will see about 30 to 50 students per day,
Rubio said.

JCS is open five days a week Monday through
Friday from 8am to 5pm and closed for winter break
and national holidays, she said.

There are computers at JCS for students to conduct
job searches and offer a hot cup of Joe while conducting
searches, she said.

According to Roberta Ricci, CNM Director of
Development, there is also an Alumni Association that
was created in 2008.

Throughout the years the Alumni Association has
honored and recognized alumni with the Association’s
Distinguished Alumni Award, Ricci said.

Every year, an alum is chosen and celebrated
for their accomplishments at the CNM Foundation’s
annual Donor Appreciation Dinner, Ricci said.

Ricci also says that the CNM Alumni Association
is launching its first ever Brick Program.

“Alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, and
family can create a lasting legacy and a permanent way
to show support for CNM by purchasing a personalized
brick in the beautiful Alumni Courtyard on main
campus,” Ricci said.

A person’s name, or the name of a loved one, can
be forever etched into CNM’s history, she said.

The donations are 100% tax deductible and is designated
for the CNM Foundation to upkeep college
programs and scholarship initiatives per Ricci and the
bricks cost $100 per brick, she said.

According to Ricci, alumni can become part of the
CNM Alumni Association by filling out an online application
membership is free, and once an alum becomes a
member, they will receive a monthly e-newsletter.

For more information about the CNM Alumni
Association, feel free to contact Roberta Ricci,
Director of Development, CNM Foundation, (505)
224-4641 or

The best way to register for Job Connection
Services is to go to, Rubio said.

Under the Jobs tab click Job Connection Services,
then click Look for Jobs under Students, Graduates,
and Staff, she said.

The student will then be directed to Suncat Career
Connection where an account will need to be created
and once this is done the previously mentioned benefits
will be accessible, Rubio said.

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