Student government elects new officer team

By: Daniel Montano, Staff Reporter

The Executive Council of Students has a new officer team ready to take the reins in the fall 2013 semester, said Stephen Martos, current president of ECOS.

ECOS held elections Friday, May 31 and all officer positions were filled except for that of vice president, the vote for which was postponed until Friday, June 7 because one of the candidates was unable to attend, Martos said.

Emily Sarvis was elected president and said that she will draw on her experience as a member of ECOS to establish an active council.

“Helping students is important and we have taken steps as a group toward doing that, but I feel like we could do more. We’re here for the students and we are students so I think that should be one of our main goals: to get out there and talk to students to see what they need so that CNM and its students can be more successful,” she said.

Despite the lack of a vice president selection just yet, Martos said that as president he has worked with the people who have been elected for a year and he is confident that the team selected so far will work hard for CNM students.

“I’m very happy that we have all these great people coming up into our positions and I really look forward to seeing ECOS grow. It’s been a process to bring this group up to where it can really help the students the most,” he said.

Ana Martinez was elected treasurer and said that she is excited to start her position.

She will make use of her experience in her father’s store, where she helped to manage money, in order to be an effective treasurer, she said.

“I’m good with numbers and I’m very organized. I hate to see money unorganized,” Martinez said.

Bianca Cowboy was elected into two officer positions, Public Relations and Administrative, and she is also running for vice president.

Cowboy will choose which position she will accept after the vice presidential elections are concluded, she said.

No matter which position she ends up in, Cowboy said that she will apply her experience working with students as a work study in enrollment services to help establish strong relationships between ECOS and students, faculty and staff.

“That’s just something that ECOS needs to move forward with. We need to build relationships with administration faculty and staff so that we can organize more events that will have their support as well,” she said.

The current officer team will continue to serve for the summer semester, Martos said.

Looking back over his presidency, Martos said that he is going to miss ECOS, because it has grown to be a large part of his life ever since he joined two years ago.

“Moving on is something that is part of growing and beginning new chapters, but this is always something that I’m going to look back on fondly,” Martos said.

For more information on the Executive Council of Students or to apply for membership, pick up and submit an ECOS application at Room SSC 201, Student Life Office at Main campus.

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