CNM’s new transfer website

By Stephanie Stuckey,Staff Reporter

A new website has become available  for students that are interested in continuing their education and transferring to a four-year institution, stated Roberto Vasquez, Transfer Articulation analyst for CNM.

He said the website will benefit students at all points in their academic careers.

It can be helpful for students to plan accordingly when looking ahead toward their futures, whether it be for their associate degrees or their bachelor degrees, Vasquez said.

The website also helps the student understand the courses that are required to earn their degree at CNM and how the degrees will transfer to four-year institutions and bachelor programs of their choice, he said.

According to Vasquez, the website is also available to students who have earned a degree and are already in the workforce; students will be able to become familiar with what opportunities are available to them if they should decide to continue their education.

“The website was developed with the intention of bringing light to the transfer process, not just from a four year admissions perspective, but also academically,” Vasquez said.

Having all the necessary information in one place was important in creating a seamless transfer experience for students, he said.

Another factor was to help students understand how degrees will transfer.

Because the transfer process involves two institutions it can get tricky in the information that the student receives from two different sources, Vasquez said.

Transferring to other institutions requires a lot of learning because it is an entirely new experience and process for the student, he stated.

“Aside from the process and the academic standpoint, we want to help students understand their options around the state, and what programs are offered,” Vasquez said.

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