Engineering student attempts to change math course

By Martin Montoya
Staff Reporter
Engineering major, Levi Green said he is trying to have changes made to the Math, Science, and Engineering program, mainly the Math curriculum, where there is a substantial gap between the Math 1315 and 1415 course that is hindering students.
Green said in his 1415 math course, which he had to drop because of the lack in overlapping teachings, there was about a 50 percent drop rate, with the majority of the class failing daily quizzes and tests.
After providing evidence of successful and understood quizzes and tests from 1315, Green said he was not happy with the initial answers he received from administration.
“It kind of sucks to go in there and go talk to these people, and have them tell you ‘oh well, you are on your own,’” Green said.
Brad Moore, Director of Communications and Media Relations said the School of Math, Science and Engineering will be reviewing their objectives in the 1415 Math course to ensure students are learning the required curriculum.
Green said the instructor for his 1415 Math class, was stricken aback that so many students came unprepared to the class.
“That is detrimental to engineering students, not having that preparation,” Green said.
Along with an issue in the math department, Green said the Engineering Supplemental Instructors who are supposed to help other students, have failed to show up at meetings with Green due to a lack of engineering student involvement.
“Everyone is aware there’s an issue here, that is why I’m trying to be proactive about it, instead of throwing everyone under the bus,” Green said.
The department’s curriculum is where the problems lie, and no one person can be blamed for the issues with the department, Green said.
With many faculty members at his side, Green said there is worry that students are getting through their classes because they were “close enough” to passing.
“Then we get thrown into the sharks when it comes time to go into a higher math program,” Green said.
Green said he has produced a possible solution; having a correspondence course in between the two math classes for the benefit of engineering students like himself.
It was suggested by the 1415 math teacher that there needs to be a 1315 class strictly geared towards Engineering students, he said.
“I think that is a little outlandish,” Green said.
With that in mind Green said he set forth with the help of instructors to create a two week course, complete with a supplemental instructor, handouts and notes, as well as a syllabus, he said.
“This is a serious issue and it’s not going to go away,” Green said.
After four weeks of repeated attempts to get through to somebody, Green said he had a plan for a petition, but that it is not needed now that people have listened.
But in the case that it is needed, Green said he will push it through and present a petition to the foundation and board members.
“Hands down, the faculty has been tremendous presenting this to the instructors. I don’t want it to be ugly,” Green said.
If there are any students who may be feeling like there is something missing between 1315 and 1415 math classes, or who are having troubles with supplemental instructors, to contact Levi Green at

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