Behavioral Health Speaker Series

By Whitney Browneller, Staff Reporter

CNM is offering Behavioral Health Speaker Series to students, community members and staff, said Student Events and Program Manager Libby Fatta.

The CNM/UNM behavioral speaker series started in fall of 2014 and it was a partnership with the UNM department of psychiatry, Fatta said.

The goal with the speaker series is to bring various mental health and behavioral health lectures to CNM and to the community and invite people to come to a free mental health lecture, Fatta said.

A lot of these lectures have different resources people can use and they are all given by doctors with the UNM department of psychiatry, Fatta said.

The doctors are the ones who lead the lectures and we determine what the topics are going to be, she said.

“All the lectures are free and available to everyone,” she said.

The lectures are held during lunch time to encourage staff and students to come listen to a free lecture while on their lunch break, she said.

Most of the doctors will include slides that feature local resources for anyone that may need help with the type of issues that are being discussed or if students know of someone that may need help, Fatta said.

The doctors giving the lectures are specialists in the area that they are giving the lecture on and can usually provide specific resources to those who need additional information, she said.

Fatta said that the Behavioral Health Speaker Series will continue and there will likely be lectures in the summer and fall terms.

CNM chose to do it every third Thursday of the month during lunch to encourage more people to come to the lectures since it is a consistent time, she said.

The next lecture will take place on Thursday March 24 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on Main Campus in MS room 102 and will be on Alcohol and Domestic Violence and the research behind it.

The speaker of this lecture will be Dr. Brandi Fink with the UNM Department of Psychology.

The last lecture of the spring 2016 speaker series will be held on Thursday April 21 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on Main Campus in MS room 102 and Dr. Kristina Sowar will be covering the topic of Eating Disorders.

“These speaker series are a great way for students to learn more about topics related to their classes or their future careers,” Fatta said.

If students need any information about the lectures, please email Libby Fatta at

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