Bookstore to Price Match

By Hilary Broman,  Staff Reporter

Photo credit, Heather Hay

Sep 6, 2016

September 7 is the last day to use financial aid to purchase books with the new price matching system that the CNM Bookstore has implemented.

If students find a lower price for their textbooks at a different retailer the CNM bookstore will match that price.

They will match prices against Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chegg and other stores.

Students who have already purchased their books for the fall term are able to adjust the price at any CNM bookstore location within 7 days of the original purchase.

The ISBN for the lower priced item must match ISBN of the item being purchased.

Students must purchase the item in the same format that the ad represents whether it is new, used, rented or purchased.

Lower prices may be found online but all price match transactions must take place in a campus store.

Students must supply a printed screenshot of the ad, a hard copy of the ad or an ad shown on a mobile device at the time of purchase.

For complete list of rules, regulations and exclusions click here.

There is an update to this story here.

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