Montoya Library to Host Wildlife Rescue Birds of Prey

By Heather Hay

Staff Reporter

Book display at Montoya campus library, photo by Heather Hay/CNM Chronicle.

Students will have the chance to see wild birds up close from the Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico and ask questions about volunteer opportunities at the Montoya campus in room 124 on September 27 from 1-2:30pm, said Marilyn Morain, a Rehabilitator and Educator with the Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico.

Across the hall from the room the lecture will take place, in the Montoya Library in room 123 where they have a display of over 24 visual guides and informational books on birds available to check out, said Library Reference Specialist Allyson James-Vigil.

The birds that will be at the event include a Great Horned Owl, an American Kestrel, a Red Tailed Hawk, and a smaller owl which will either be a Burrowing Owl or a Western Screech Owl, she said.

“All birds that will be participating in the event have permanent disabilities and cannot return to the wild; they live with their rehabilitators at their homes,” she said.

The educational program will cover specific information about the different species, what to do in case you encounter an injured bird or mammal, answer questions and general information about the raptors in our area, she said.

Educational programs are usually for schools and libraries but this program venue will be small enough to allow the students to see the birds at a closer level than those attending larger events, she said.

This is the first time she believes her organization has ever done this at CNM, she said.

Morain will also be happy to answer questions any students of the Veterinary Technician program or Biology students considering a career in wild animal care may have about how to volunteer with the organization, she said.

Students who wish to have experience working with wildlife and birds would benefit the most from this type of volunteering, she said.

Although Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico also has volunteer opportunities for all kinds of activities that may interest those with a general interest in wildlife, she said.

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Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico are also scheduled to have a booth at the Festival of Cranes.


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