The Late O.W.L. Gets The Cookie

Story and Photos by Wade Faast

Staff Reporter

The Library on main campus is staying open until 11PM until Thursday December 1, Varina Kosovich library outreach coordinator said.

The Open Way Late (OWL)  program provides library resources, tutors, and study spaces to students in the week before finals week, she said.

Along with the normal resources available to students, the library staff is offering free cookies and coffee to help keep the students going, she said.

OWL is expected to serve over 400 students this week, with most students seeking help with science classes, Kosovish said.

Tutors for math, science and English are on hand the whole night to help students, she said.

The OWL program keeps the library open late at the end of Fall and Spring terms, she said.

In the study room across from the library main desk, physical therapy student Adam Peacock studied slides for anatomy and physiology lab, he said.

Student Adam Peacock takes advantage of the additional hours to study slides not available outside the library.

Outside of OWL hours, Peacock finds it hard to make it to the library for quality study time, he works during the day and has class until 9pm, he said.

Alex Theodorou a math and physics tutor worked with CNM students Jackie Lovato and Pearla Franco on advanced math classes, he said.

Theodorou said he has been busy every night so far and he is grateful to have the extra hours available to assist students in their final weeks of the semester.

Jackie Lovato is applying for the radiologic technologist program in spring of 2017, she said.

Alex Theodorou tutors students Jackie Lovato and Perla Franco

“The x-ray tech program is very hard to get into but the extra hours of tutoring and studying are making a big difference” she said.

Lovato said she arrives at eight in the morning and stays until 11pm only leaving for class.

Working with other students, the tutors and being surrounded by other working helps her stay awake late into the night and get more studying done than if she was at home, Perla Franco said.

Students Ching Lu and Makayla Beach use a study room and whiteboard to work out complex energy problems for their shared chemistry 1810 class.

CNM Students Ching Lu and Makayla Beach took advantage of the study rooms on the main floor, utilizing the large white board for working out complex problems for their Chemistry 1810 class.

They work together frequently at the library, usually getting kicked out at 9pm, Lu said.

“Studying at home can be difficult with do many distractions and other things that need to get done, like laundry” he said.

The extended hours help by offering not only a distraction free environment, but the resources such as the whiteboards and reference material, all at student’s fingertips, he said.


The Open Way Late program is also available at the Montoya campus .


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