Students Learn Flamenco at CNM

March 27, 2017.  By Hilary Broman

Staff Reporter

As part of the Around the World in 30 Days event a Flamenco dance performance and workshop was held in the Coal Avenue Theatre on Main Campus.

The workshop was taught by CNM instructor Bridgit Lujan and live music was provided by guitarist, Marco de Waart from Santa Fe.

Nine Flamenco 1 students participated in the performance.

These students have only been studying Flamenco for seven months, Lujan said.

Flamenco student, Muhammed Saed, said that it was his first time performing but he wasn’t nervous at all.

There was also a performance by the CNM flamenco repertoire group which included Lujan.

After the performance, Lujan and the students invited the audience to learn a few dance moves.

CNM student Brittany Simpson said that she loved the workshop.

“I didn’t participate at the belly dance workshop so I promised myself I would participate in this one,” she said.

This event was sponsored by the Executive Counsel of Students.

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Flamenco Dance students Alexandria Cordovia (left), Deann Janetzky (front center) and Tiffany Madrid (right) perform with the flamenco dance class as CNM instructor Bridgit Lujan coaches (far back center).  (Wade Faast/ CNM Chronicle)

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