CNM Finds Winners At This Year’s Cinco De Mayo Chili Cook Off.

May 9, 2017 by Wade Faast.

CNM Hosted a chili and salsa cook off for students, staff and faculty for Cince De Mayo. Prizes included wooden plaques made in the Maker Space on CNM main campus. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)
Sol the Suncat joins (left to right) Lupe Fuentes, Magda Martinez, Lon tran, and Adrian Toledo for photos at the 6th annual Cinco De Mayo chili cook off. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)
This year the salsa category included a ceviche with shrimp, the other two catagories were green chili and red chili. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)
Chris Guillen votes for his favorite salsa, saying the lime and cilantro was in perfect balance. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)
Lorena Gonzales shows off her salsa that won first place in the salsa category. (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)
Michelle Gutierrez celebrates her second year in a row winning first place in the green chili category. Gutierrez’ chili features pork cubed and fried with onions.


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