Five awesome websites for college students

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Staff Reporter

With the speed of the internet always increasing, students have many resources available to them at any time day or night. Here’s a list of some great websites for the hi-tech student.


A primary concern for many students is how to pay for college without accumulating mounds of debt. Scholarships, free money that can be used to pay for tuition, books, or even living expenses, are one way to achieve this. is a free scholarship matching site. A student first has to sign up for the services and the site will help direct the student to the best schol­arships available to them. The services do not stop there. The site also offers advice on how to apply, kinds of extracurricular activities, help with writing essay portions and even tips to help with the interview process. This site also offers a section to help students manage a budget.

Purdue OWL

Writing a paper can be very difficult and there are times a student may have trouble finding time to see a tutor. One of the greatest resources for paper formatting, whether it is MLA or APA, is the Purdue Online Writing Lab. This site gives a rundown on both formats with examples and exercises. This can be helpful for putting on those finishing touches or just making sure the format is correct. The site is available 24 hours a day and has a “contact us” section for additional questions. Visit

Campus Live was started by a group of college graduates who say they did not get enough free stuff in college. Students can join by linking to facebook or by creating a free account. The account allows students to participate in chal­lenges that change regularly. They can win prizes from the challenges and earn coins. Students can use the coins to enter into raffles or use them to bid on auc­tions. Prizes range from glow-in-the-dark toilet paper to widescreen televisions.


Buying textbooks can be bank-breaking and selling them back can be heartbreaking. offers some comfort with a “price match guarantee.” The guarantee states that if a student finds a textbook cheaper on or a similar site, will match the price. Another benefit is when it comes time to sell books back a student can look up a textbook and find what would pay without offering any additional information. If the bookstore offers to pay less, the student can decide to sell it to instead.

Diana Hacker can help with any grammatical problems students run into. Diana Hacker wrote the Bedford Handbook Sixth Edition which is an assigned textbook for English 1101. The site offers exercises that allow students to fine tune style, grammar and other basic writing skills.

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