By: Scott M. Roberts

New Mexico Philharmonic hosts fundraising event

Former CNM student and UNM Music major Ali Parra said she volunteered at a recent New Mexico Philharmonic event in hopes of one day becoming a member of the orchestra.

When a representative for the orchestra visited the UNM music department in search of student assistance, Parra said she was moved to help the fledgling organization because she believed in its mission.

Parra said it was the now-defunct New Mexico Symphony Orchestra that inspired her to learn the flute 11 years ago.

“I know all the flute posi­tions are currently filled, but I would like to be involved with the philharmonic as long as possible after graduation,” said Parra.

Philharmonic chairman Evan Rice said he believes orga­nizations like the New Mexico Philharmonic impact the larger social environment, which makes him optimistic about the future of the group despite the challenges it faces.

“Our ambition is to become the premier classical orchestra for the region,” said Rice.

The organization is less than a year old, but the City of Albuquerque has given it much support – including allowing the orchestra to use the Kimo Theatre for its recent fundraising event.

Rice said the philharmonic is planning on a summer event that may include more of a modern selection of popular music scores including that of “Star Wars”.

“Next year we plan on having a few movie and music multi-media events,” said Rice.

Rice said there are a few powerful and memorable scores in movies that broaden the expo­sure of classical music to viewers.

“There is a strong and vigor­ous connection between the artis­tic and business communities,” said Rice.

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