Former film students “Left for Dead”

By Scott M. Roberts, Staff Reporter

Albuquerque film company Mega Ultra Studios is holding a casting call for their newest production “Left for Dead” to be released at the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo this summer, said co-founder, producer and former CNM student Mike West.

West said they are currently looking for extras for a scene that will be filmed at Fantasy World strip club on March 29. The group is looking for people of all sexes and races who are 18 years and older. Rather than holding a mass group casting, West said he’s setting up individual interviews through email.

Everything in the film is locally based from acting, to music, to locations, said West. Local burlesque performer, General Blackery, has been cast in one of the lead roles, he said.

“Left for Dead” is a throwback film inspired by those of the 1970’s and 1980’s revolving around exploitation and revenge, said West.

“It’s like a ‘Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ type of thing with a modern day twist to it,” said West.

West said the film is about a group of girls who experience a tragedy and then get revenge against the men who did them wrong.

West said he and his wife Michel took film technician classes at CNM and are currently working with English major John Poling.

Poling said he primarily writes for the productions of Mega Ultra Studios, but is not limited to just writing and has recently taken on the responsibility of co-producer.

“Mike and I collaborate a lot, but writing is what I do primarily,” said Poling. “Generally I am a horror writer.”

Poling said he did most of the writing for the current production and is involved with their other web series that is on YouTube called “Staying Vigilant.”

“The three of us are involved with all the aspects of the company,” said Poling.

Poling said he started off at CNM as an Information Technology student until he started getting bored and switched his major to English.

“I should be going to school for what matters to me most, and what matters most is the English language,” said Poling.

The idea of the current production “Left for Dead” came mainly from Michel West, said Poling.

“We wanted to do a “Grind House” type of film in honor of the 1970’s exploitation genre, like “I Spit on your Grave” with a western twist,” said Poling.

Poling and West said they welcome any and all help with their current and upcoming productions.

Poling said that the next major production for the studio is a vampire film that stays true to the traditional myth.

“We want to do a vampire movie where the vampire is a monster,” said Poling. “A monster, not a twinkling shimmerit their upcomingreleases and want to spread the word and hope the excitement carries on to others.

For more information on the casting calls, contact Michael West at, or via Facebook at MegaUltraPro.

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