“Progressence”: Student art exhibition to be held downtown

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Staff Reporter

Students in the Art Career Concerns class are hosting an art exhibition entitled “Progressence,” to be held at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery, said Fine Arts major John Snee.

The students will display diverse styles of art created in an array of media.

“It’s really a broad spec­trum of media,” said Snee.

Each student was given a different task to help prepare for the showcase, said Snee. The class helps the students understand what goes into putting on a gallery showing, he said.

Show curator and class instructor Danielle Miller considered all the works and chose which pieces were to be displayed, said Snee.

“It’s kind of nice to have this class because it really allows for people who have never done anything like a gallery showing or anything like that to get an under­standing of how it works,” said Snee.

The Art Career Concerns class teaches students how to navigate the professional art world, said Snee. The cur­riculum for the class includes field trips to local galleries and the creation of a profes­sional body of work.

By visiting the galleries the students get to meet the vari­ous gallery owners and begin to make contacts, said Snee. Each artist will display their creations, some of which will be for sale, on a contract, said Snee. The contract is an agree­ment that protects both the artist and gallery in the event that a piece is damaged or there is a discrepancy in price, he said.

“Progressence” will open on April 6 and run through April 27. The gallery is open Tuesday 11:30-6:00, Thursday 11:30- 6:00 and Saturday 12:00-4:00.

For more information go to downtowncontemporary.com.

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