Student downloading apps, uploading satisfaction

By: Scott M. Roberts

iPads available for checkout at all libraries

The libraries, with assistance from CNM Connect, are now pro­moting an option to check out iPad2 tablets and providing a variety of interactive software to students, staff and faculty, said Reference Librarian Olivia Baca.

Baca said the libraries purchased 16 iPad2 tablets which were made available for checkout during the second half of the Fall 2011 term. In February, the number of tablets was increased to expose more users to new technology, including touch screens and portable operating sys­tems, she said.

“The libraries began with 16 iPads and now we have 40 thanks to CNM Connect, so the availability has already improved,” said Baca.

An additional 24 iPads were donated by CNM Connect to the libraries, allowing for easier lending across the campuses, said Baca.

“We will collect circulation data from the tablets and use that informa­tion in purchasing more in the future if needed,” said Baca.

Anyone with a CNM ID has the ability to check out the libraries’ newest additions, the 32GB iPad2s, which connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, said Baca.

To check out an iPad, Baca said the user must sign a financial respon­sibility form before check out, and must return the tablet within a three-hour time period, or the user will be reported to CNM security and APD for theft. Overnight checkouts are not permitted, she said.

Baca said the iPads offer educa­tional apps intended to help students in many ways: taking notes, mimick­ing flash cards, and enhancing lessons with graphics.

“The entertainment values of the iPads are also beneficial for students, listening to music or taking a study break with a game adds to the excite­ment,” said Baca.

Users are permitted to log into their account from the App store to order or purchase applications, but at the end of use the apps will not remain, said Baca.

Baca said the tablets are cost efficient compared to the traditional desktop and laptop systems.

“Tablet computers are less expen­sive, so we can provide students access to more of them,” said Baca. “We can help diminish the digital divide by giving all CNM students access.”

Laptops and iPads are both porta­ble but the iPads have a longer battery life and lighter weight to offer more advantages, said Baca.

Achievement Coach and Connect representative for the westside campus, Shelby McCorkle said she has assisted Olivia Baca with the iPad project to facilitate exposure among campuses.

The 24 iPads donated to the libraries through CNM Connect are intended to familiarize users with the tools that they offer, said McCorkle.

“Connect’s goal was to support the libraries in providing these tools to students,” said McCorkle.

McCorkle said CNM Connect views this opportunity as a way to expose students to many types of tech­nologies, beyond computers and laptops.

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