Local film won’t leave you ‘Stiffed’

By: Travis Pearson, Staff Reporter

Directed by local filmmaker Billy Garberina, “Stiffed,” combines Satanism, strippers and zombie criminals in this very low budget independent horror-comedy.

Frank, (Kevin Santry) is the leader of a trio of small-time armed robbers, who becomes infatuated with Satan-worshipping stripper Chloe (Jamison Jontry) the night before a job. The job goes horribly wrong, and leaves the band of thieves in the county morgue. Chloe is asked to identify the bodies by the pathetically lonely Detective Orser (Paul Asling). Chloe cuts a deal with the janitor at a local mortuary to save the unclaimed bodies of the trio from crema­tion. One heavy metal satanic ritual later and Chloe has her very own pack of invincible bandits.

Albuquerque residents will recognize many local businesses cameoed throughout the movie, includ­ing Self Serve, Active Imagination, and The Zone.

This non-traditional zombie flick is entertain­ing and even at times mocks its own genre. There is definitely a proper amount of blood and body parts for a film featuring a stripper as the ringleader, some comedic moments, and some downright disturbing scenes.

The dialogue seems forced at times, and the production quality is lacking, especially in terms of sound editing. Many of the seeming production flaws appear to be a deliberate choice to give the film that authentic paid-for-by-credit-card look.

“Stiffed” was recently released on DVD by Independent Entertainment and can be purchased through Hastings, Best Buy or Amazon.com

The CNM Chronicle gives “Stiffed” three out of five satanic strippers.

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