Zyegoat produces new film

By: Scott M. Roberts

Casting call from former CNM student

Albuquerque film company Zyegoat Production Films will hold a casting call for their newest production “The Learning,” which is to be released at the upcoming Sundance Short Film festival January 2013 said co-founder, producer, writer, and former CNM student Ian Page.

Page said they are currently looking for 14 extras and five leads for scenes that will be filmed on location in the Jemez Mountains, and also in studio settings here in town for the current production.

“We want to have the film done by July, so we can submit it to Sundance by August,” said Page.

The movie will mainly be focused around an old derelict house. About 40 percent of the shoot will be on location in the Jemez, and the rest will be shot in studio or against green screen, said Page.

“The Learning” is a psychological thriller revolving around a “creepy” house located in the mountains, said Page.

“We are in need of one female lead role, one female secondary role with lines, and four secondary male roles with limited lines,” said Page.

Page said the lead female role needs to be a woman with a pale complexion with gaunt characteristics, and the secondary female role needs to be petite and to be able to look very young.

The secondary male roles will consist of an older therapist, a truck driver, and a super­natural agent who needs to be thin and prefer­ably tall, and an overweight middle aged man, said Page.

Page said the film is designed to make the audience uneasy, creeped out and confused. It will have a twisted ending that gives the view­ers insight into the entire story.

Page said he went to school and received a degree in Cisco Certified Network Administration. This led him to Zyegoat Productions.

Zyegoat Productions was originally set up to be a video game company, but two months later it was forced to go in a different direction, said Page.

“I was a supplemental programmer for the company, and our lead programmer bailed and I couldn’t do it all,” said Page.

Page said the company then moved to films. After the transition things started fall­ing into place.

“It’s about being in the right place at the right time, and knowing the right people,” said Page.

Page said that this is the second produc­tion, the first being a short comedy called “Manor of Mayhem,” which was filmed last year during Halloween, in association with LumiGnosis Productions. Because of filming permissions, the film had to be horribly edited, he said.

Page said that Zyegoat Production Films have a web series called “Humor Before Decency,” which is in its second season. The series is a adult sketch comedy show posted online. DVDs are available at zyegoat.com, he said.

During the production, transportation, food and drinks will be provided for cast and crew, said Page.

Page said the company will be holding open casting calls on April 12 and 13, with the main production scheduled for May 7 through 11 and secondary shoots on May 17 and 18.

Page said that he is excited about the upcoming release and looks forward to more in the future.

For more information on the casting calls, contact Ian Scott at ian@zyegoat.com or 505-688-9707.

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