‘My Mind’s Abyss’ author holds giveaway of latest works

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer
Photo By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Author and English major Volatalistic Phil said he is offering a give­away of his two newest books, “White Elephant” and “Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Isle.” The novels, released March 30, will be raffled off through his word­press site, teamvolatalistic, on May 1 and 2.

Phil said this approach is intended to attract readers to his novels and to help pro­mote his writing and further his career as an author.

The student author’s latest books are a continua­tion of self-expression and emotion from his first fiction novel, “My Mind’s Abyss,” and feature his thoughts and opinions on a wide range of everyday topics and situa­tions, said Phil.

“Some of the things I write about are an inflection of my personality or just how I’m feeling about other topics and situations,” he said.

Phil said he does not consider his writings suc­cessful, per se, but only an on-going process.

“Taking what is in my thoughts and writing it down, then publishing a novel that is packaged and sold is a suc­cess,” he said.

Phil said that he tries to make his novels revolve around his writing, and make it stray away from his personality and image.

He uses his pen name, “Volatalistic Phil” to make his writing mysterious, so that the readers can concentrate on the content, Phil said.

Phil said his pen name means optimistic good will.

“I took the word volition and optimistic and combined it into Volatalistic,” he said.

One of his biggest inspi­rations and motivators to write his short stories is part time Spanish instructor Barbra Gonzalez. Another of his inspirations is Dr. Greg Murrell, a philosophy teacher at CNM and UNM.

“We’ll talk after class about philosophy and exchange ideas,” Phil said.

Phil said readers can find references throughout his latest works that lead them back to characters and sto­ries in his first novel.

His first novel was writ­ten to express his emotions after sobriety and what he experienced as an alcoholic, Phil said

“‘My Mind’s Abyss’ is a fiction book that was writ­ten with the intent to inspire change in some people. It was meant to help some people to possibly understand someone who is struggling with addic­tions and can possibly help with some information that could benefit them,” he said.

He does not have a type of audience he writes for specifically, but expresses his writing in a way so that anyone can relate to one of his short fiction stories or poems, Phil said.

“I’m still a new author, and as an author friend of mine put, you just got to give time to let your audience find you,” he said.

Phil said that his read­ers are those people that can enjoy his books, those people are his homeruns.

“My readers are going to have to be the red in a black and white photo, they’re going to be going against the grain,” he said.

Phil said in his newest book coming out soon, “Scribbles” he writes as if there is an outpour of pure imagination and whatever came to mind in terms of poetry or short fiction stories.

“I think a lot in rhymes, and Scribbles will hopefully speak to people, I hope that it does, that I get inside their minds,” Phil said.

He said that Scribbles will express a part of him that will be emotionally exposed, unlike any of his other books

For more information about Volatalistic Phil visit his facebook page at face­book.com/volatalisticphil and at his website teamvola­talistic.wordpress.com.

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