Serial killers in love

By: Jyllian Roach, Managing Roach

Local film includes former students

Locally filmed indie horror movie “I HEART U” features the talents of many CNM graduates and students, said director and actor Billy Garberina.

The film, which debuts at the Guild on June 8 in conjunction with the second annual Albuquerque Comic Expo, includes former Network Administration major Craig Butler, and former History major Melissa Roberge as associate producers, Liberal Arts major Jaymi McNulty and Film Technician certificate recipient Starr Welty as actors, and frequent guest lecturer Julian Wolf as specialty casting director and set designer, said Garberina.

The movie was shot at 42 locations in the Albuquerque area, with an almost entirely New Mexican cast and crew, said Garberina.

Even though he now lives in New York, he will always shoot his films in New Mexico, said Garberina.

“I am personally annoyed that most things depicted in the media happen in New York City or Los Angeles; it’s like there’s this abyss between that consists of everything else,” he said.

Albuquerque actors also value teamwork and low budget films in a way that people in areas with long-established film history do not, said Garberina.

“I HEART U” is a classic mid-life crisis film about Walter Fletcher (Garberina) and his wife Liz (Raine Brown) who are both dis­satisfied with their lives and each other. In an effort to break the monotony, Walter and Liz turn to old hobbies. Walter spends his evenings stalking, strangling and mutilating prostitutes, while Liz enjoys seducing, drug­ging and cutting up sleazy men she finds in random bars. Each begins to fall in love with the other’s alter ego as the media goes into a frenzy over the two serial killers.

“I HEART U” will premiere at the Guild theatre on June 8. Show times are 10 p.m. and again at 12 a.m. Tickets are $8.

“It’s a bloodsoaked comedy of errors,” said Garberina.

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