Gallery connects artists and aficionados

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer | Photos by: Jonathan Gamboa, staff

The Artists of New Mexico and Beyond Galleria provides an opportunity for all art­ists to promote and sell their work in a community oriented fashion, said gallery owner Bambi Cordova.

Since its opening on April 5 at the corner of Mountain Rd. and Rio Grande, the gallery has received an overwhelming amount of community support to help build up and maintain the site, she said.

“We accept and sell art­works of all types. Everything under the sun is what we try to have to accommodate anyone that walks in to our gallery,” said Cordova.

She said that the galleria has been a continuous pro­cess for three years, begin­ning as the Balloon Fiesta arts and crafts tent. Cordova knew she needed a more per­manent venue because of the increase in artists wanting to sell more of their works with her, she said.

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Several local artists display and sell their artwork at Artists of New Mexico and Beyond Galleria each weekend.

There are 48 artists on consignment, 20 New Mexico veteran artists and five pri­vate galleries that are being operated in the gallery room. There are anywhere between 25 and 50 artists displaying their works every weekend, she said.

“This would be a great opportunity for our current and former CNM art students, because many are trying to go to individual galleries to try and sell their artwork,” said CNM art instructor Lynn Johnson.

The Career Concerns class recently held a show in which the students exhibited all of their work at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Center gallery, said Johnson. The class teaches students how to exhibit their work and find venues around town, she said.

A lot of students go on to work at galleries around down­town and surrounding areas, but because of the style oriented nature of most galleries, not all are able to sell with them, Johnson said.

“We just want to make sure our artists are happy and well taken care of. If we notice one is struggling we all try to pitch in to help them succeed,” said Cordova.

The Artists of New Mexico and Beyond Galleria is located at 501 Main St. NE, near the intersection of Mountain Rd. and Rio Grande Blvd. It is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6p.m., said Cordova.

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