Album Review: Rachel Sage, “Haunted By You”

By: Jyllian Roach, Managing Editor

Artist: Rachel Sage and the Sequins | Album: Haunted by you | Label: Impress Records | Sounds like: Mumford and Sons, Sarah McLachlin, Regina Spektor, Ani Difranco

The tenth album by singer/songwriter Rachael Sage is hard proof that this indie artist’s star continues to rise. The deceptively titled album “Haunted By You” is not break-up themed, but is instead about passion and choosing between passions.

Through her music, and especially this album, Rachael conveys herself as the quirky big sister who breaks into song every time she shares a bit of learned wisdom or one of life’s secrets. Plus, she seems like she’d be a blast at a party.

The combination of well-balanced accompaniment and carefully chosen phrasing has become a trademark of Rachael’s music. The guitar – which Rachael plays herself – is remarkable and a welcome new addition to her musings. It’s also exhilarating to hear her unusual word choice – breathing new life into out-of-fashion words is the mark of a great lyricist.

Nearly everything on the album is perfect, but the lyri­cally alluring “Abby would you wait” and the foot-tapping “Hey Na” are the best songs on the disc. Abby is a beautiful ballad about distance and affection. “Hey Na” is a celebration of honest and complete personal relationships with a very catchy tune.

Only “Sequin Song,” which is about the loneliness of a performer’s life told in meta­phor, was disappointing. It is well put together, but seems to lack her usual spirit. The song sounds like a creative experi­ment that just didn’t do what it was intended to do.

“Haunted By You” debuted May 22 on Rachael’s label Impress Records and can be purchased through Amazon. com or

This witty and conscious folky pop-rock treasure gets five out of five feather boas.

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