Faculty, staff receive excellence awards

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Senior Reporter

Members of faculty and staff recently received awards for going above and beyond for stu­dents, said Brad Moore of the Marketing and Communications office.

Twenty-three awards were given to recipients who were nominated by other fac­ulty, staff members or stu­dents, said Moore. CNM held a luncheon for the recipients and gave each a certificate, said Moore.

“I was very honored to be nominated and touched by the written testimony,” said Adviser of the Executive Council of Students and Director of Student Life and Discipline Kristofer Gaussoin, who was a recipient this year.

In one way or another all of the employees are here to support the students, so when some of them do something that improves a student’s life it is wonderful for that to be recognized, said Gaussoin.

Recipient Virginia Sando was recognized for helping create a mentoring program for nurses new to teaching, she said.

Three terms ago the nursing program was short 14 or 15 instructors despite efforts to fill the positions, said Sando.

Instructors were taking on double and triple loads because the students had already been accepted, she said.

“We did what we could and worked like crazy,” said Sando.

Sando suggested having a mentoring program to help nurses adjust to teaching, she said. Administrators liked her idea and tried it; her idea helped solve the problem, said Sando.

Other recipients are pleased to receive the award, but give credit to having great colleagues to work with, said CHSS Instructor Veronique Kaemerer. Everyone at CNM plays a part in making students successful, she said.

“Receiving this award makes me feel incredibly lucky and grateful to work at CNM with such dedicated and compassionate individu­als,” said Kaemerer.

Financial Aid Adviser Susan Chavez said she does not work any harder than anyone else, but being recognized for her work is encouraging.

“Everyone understands the important role we play in helping all students be successful. It is a joy to be part of the Financial Aid team,” said Chavez.

Awards are a way for the administration to recognize those who go the extra mile to help stu­dents succeed, said Financial Aid Coordinator Rachel Buchen, who also received an award.

“I have worked at CNM for eight years and have always felt that the work I do is appreciated; the excel­lence award I received is added reas­surance that my efforts do not go unnoticed,” said Buchen.

The award came at the perfect time for Employment Specialist Nichole Rogers, she said. Although she does not work directly with the students, she works hard to help the staff and faculty, said Rogers.

“Working here in Human Resources, I sometimes feel so far from the students and it is nice to be appreciated for going above and beyond to help our faculty and staff, who are working so hard to serve the needs of our students,” said Rogers.

For Nursing Programs Director Diane Evans-Prior, this award holds a special value because it came from her students, she said.

“For them to take the time from their busy schedules to nominate me brings warmth to my heart and a tear to my eye,” said Evans-Prior.

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