Fire Safety and preparedness

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter

New Mexico has far too many trees and not enough water to support them, said New Mexico State Forestry Fire Prevention and Outreach Program Manager Dan Ware. As fire danger increases, the need for fire safety increases right along with it. Understanding fire safety and taking steps to improve preparedness and preventing fires will help both the people and the land, said Ware. In light of the very hot and dry season, Ware offered these safety tips for students:

Tips for Fire Safety

1. Private property should have a fire-proof perimeter.

Manage the land and create a healthier environment. Trim trees and keep trash contained. It will help pro­tect from a raging wildfire.

2. Obey all fire restrictions.

The state of New Mexico has many fire restrictions depending on the heat and dryness of the terrain. The fire restrictions can be found on

3. Be aware of surroundings and do not add to fire danger.

There have been so many weird or unique fire causes in New Mexico that had nothing to do with open flame: blown tires, engine exhaust, brake particles from cars. Paying attention to details can help lower the risk of a fire.

4. Use common sense regarding fires.

Make sure there are water sources and a shovel when choosing to have a campfire so that it can be put out completely.

5. Understand that a fire can happen to anyone.

People who believe that a fire cannot happen to them create a greater fire hazard. Some of the most destructive and biggest fires in New Mexico history have occured this year. The fire danger is so high it does not take much to get a big fire going. When burning weeds call 768-BURN first. Let neighbors and the local fire department know.

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