Student announces grand opening of new clothing store

By Martin Montoya, Staff Reporter | Graphic by Rene Thompson, Designs and photos by Tommy Borunda

Tommy Borunda, Digital Media and Film major, has made his own business and multiple clothing lines while attending CNM, and wants to let people know about his new store scheduled to open in two weeks, he said.
The store, called V$ (Versus), will be located at 220 Sixth Street Downtown and will feature locally made brands by Borunda and other artists, he said.
Borunda’s designs are a twist on a concept based on the ‘90s television show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,’ appropriately named The FrshPrnts.
“I just flip things, old icons and other stuff,” Borunda said.
While Borunda sells his gear and develops new designs, he is also collaborating with a friend on the V$ brand who will be running the store with him and will also be selling his personal brand called The Two MM’s, he said.
For the “B-boys,” there is a design in the FrshPrnts line called the Breakman that looks like the Jordan dunk design flipped upside down, only he is posted up in a stall, he said.
Getting good responses from his designs and selling them all over and at any time, Borunda said he is excited for the opening of V$.
“I have been doing pretty good just selling my designs out of my trunk,” Borunda said.
A few other designs that Borunda has made that are organic to Albuquerque and have been sources of inspiration are designs such as Dead Dooks, Lota Hands, and Num Lokos, he said.
When V$ opens up, Borunda said they will be hosting art shows, B-boy (Break Dancers) events, and live performances.
Hosting these events is a way to get the community together as well as a way to bring the underground culture together, Borunda said.
“Everybody tends to jock the mainstream so we are trying to get people to jock the local’s,” Borunda said.
YWhile taking advantage of a program through CNM and U-Public, Borunda said he built many relationships and got a kick-start in filming and editing as well.
Along with editing and filming his own videos, Borunda said he can also make money editing projects for other people because there are many people who need film out here.
“This town is Tamalewood, there are a lot of people who need stuff done and not enough to do it,” Borunda said.
Borunda said he also does street art throughout the city and that is how people know what design will be coming out next in his clothing line, so keep a look out for upcoming designs, his store grand opening, and until then students can get FrshPrnts at or can follow Borunda on instagram @ THEFRSHPRNTS.

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