All-USA Scholarship Now Accepting Applications, Awards Two Years Free Tuition

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Repoter | CNM Chronicle Stock Photo

TheAll-USA Community Academic Scholarship is accepting applications through the week of Nov. 9, said Director of Service Learning Sharon Gordon-Moffett.

The scholarship awards 20 students with a $2,500 one-time scholarship, but New Mexico nominees are also awarded a scholar­ship which pays for up to four terms of tuition to any four-year school in the state, said Gordon-Moffett.

“It’s a really awesome opportunity for students that want to continue their education at another insti­tution in New Mexico,” said Gordon-Moffett.


Students who are active both on campus and in their communities while maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or greater can apply for the scholarship online at ptk. org, said Gordon-Moffett.

Criminal Justice major and Executive Council of Students President Stephen Martos said he plans to apply for the scholarship this year because two years of free schooling is an incredible award.

“I am excited to get to work on the application and ready for the hard work that it will take to complete it,” said Martos.

Martos is one of at least six applicants scheduled for interviews; CNM can nom­inate a total of 10 students.

Gordon-Moffett said she hoped to see more of the student body partici­pate. Nine of the 10 possible scholarships in 2011 went to waste because only one stu­dent applied, she said.

“I wish more of the stu­dent body would partici­pate in this program,” said Gordon-Moffett.

Sociology major and Editor-in-Chief of the Chronicle Jyllian Roach was the only CNM student to apply for the scholarship in 2011.

She said that she was surprised that more stu­dents did not apply because of the size of the award.

“I was shocked that no one else had applied. Yes, the application took a little while to fill out, but I will graduate this summer and then go to UNM for free — the effort was worth it,” she said.

Gordon-Moffett said she recommends setting aside twenty to twenty-five hours to complete the application which consists of three to four essay questions and a standard questionnaire. The application also requires two letters of recommendation.

“The application can change a little from year to year so some things might be different, but if a student needs assistance I am willing to help the serious applicants,” said Gordon-Moffett.

New Mexican student nominees are presented with their scholarship and a recognition ceremony at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, said Gordon-Moffett.

They are also recog­nized on the floors of the education committees for the House wwand Senate. A representative of each school also takes the stu­dents to lunch, she said.

Students selected as finalists for the All USA Academic Team will be featured in an article in USA Today and presented at Phi Theta Kappa’s Annual Convention in San Francisco, California.

Thirty-seven of the winners then become part of the All-State Community College Academic Team which has a separate cer­emony where scholarships and special recognitions are presented to winners, according to the scholar­ship website,

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