Remarkable: Women in Art

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Graphic Courtesy Katie Neely, Student

The National Museum of Women in Arts and Red Dot Gallery are looking for submissions from art students for an upcoming event that will commem­orate 2012 as The Year of Remarkable Women, said Women in the Arts instructor Danielle Miller.

Women interested in submitting must be in enrolled in a New Mexico higher education institution and be majoring in an Arts degree program said Miller.

Studio Arts major Katie Neeley said she plans on submitting one of her oil paintings for the exhibition.

“The painting I’m going to send them has a story behind it that I’m not supposed to tell,” Neeley said, “I’m trying to figure out what to say for my art­ists’ statement.”

The meaning of a paint­ing often changes from when it was first created and from person to person, said Neely.

She said she finds that the more she looks at a piece, the more her interpretation changes.

Artists can send sub­missions via email. The works must be no more than 36 inches on a side, said Miller.

The image dimensions must be approximately five inches by seven inches in either JPEG or TIFF files at 300dpi.

Each image must have the artist’s name and the title of the work as part of a file name, she said.

Remarkable will run from Nov. 16 through Dec. 7 at the Red Dot Gallery in Santa Fe, said Miller.

Artists will be sell­ing their work through­out the show, a quarter of the proceeds will go to the National Museum of Women in Art, said Miller.

Submissions for Remarkable can be sent to art@, a deci­sion will be made by jurors on Oct. 9, said Miller.

The Red Dot Gallery is located at 826 Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe.

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